Multi-source feedback (MSF) for specialty trainees

MSF has been built into the Learning Environment for Pathology Trainees (LEPT) system. This is the College’s web-based system for workplace-based assessment which also includes a full e-Portfolio function.

MSF for Year 1 specialty trainees (Stage A)

The Royal College of Pathologists has developed an MSF assessment tool specifically for trainees who are completing the requirements of the ST1/Stage A of a General Medical Council (GMC) approved training programme in chemical pathology and histopathology.

MSF for Year 3/5 specialty trainees (Stages B-C/D)

The Royal College of Pathologists has developed a universal pathology focussed multi-source feedback (MSF) tool to be completed by trainees that are appropriate to all pathology specialties. The MSF generates part of the necessary evidence for appraisal and the annual review of competence progression (ARCP).

It is a requirement for pathology trainees who began training from 1st August 2007 (and those trainees who have transferred to the 2010 and beyond GMC-approved curriculum and assessment system) to undertake three MSF assessments during training – at year 1, 3 and 5 prior to the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT). This is in addition to workplace-based assessments.

Please note that unlike Year 1 trainees, Year 3/5 trainees will not receive notification from the College regarding the initiating of MSF assessments. Year 3/5 trainees must commence the process themselves via the LEPT system in a timely manner to coincide with any forthcoming ARCPs.