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Even later non-homepage post

06 August 2017

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£75m for prostate cancer welcome but investment in pathology workforce needed

04 August 2017

The Government has announced £75m funding for faster and earlier diagnosis of prostate cancer

Blog: We used games to get the public diagnosing malaria cases

29 July 2017

Can you turn gamers into armchair pathologists? At the recent AAAS conference in Boston, Dr Aydogan Ozcan presented an online game his lab is developing to identify red blood cells that are infected with the malaria parasite.

Alie Street Blog Post – September 2015

10 September 2015

The last month has focused on finalising plans to submit to the local council for planning permission to undertake the demolition and building work required for our new premises. College architects Bennetts Associates have refined the plans following feedback from College members and staff.

Alie Street Blog Post – August 2015

01 August 2015

There has been plenty of activity in the Goodman Building in the last month. On July 15th a public consultation was held, giving local residents and businesses the opportunity to view the College’s proposals for the new premises.

7 Day Services - RCPath response

25 July 2015

The Royal College of Pathologists supports the principle of ensuring that clinical standards are maintained 7 days a week and that acutely unwell patients should receive the same level of care at the weekend as during the week. This includes provision of key pathology services, which are already available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.