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  • Writing for the Bulletin

  • Unexplained deaths in infancy: England and Wales QMI

    Annual data on sudden infant deaths in England and Wales and infant deaths for which the cause remained unascertained after a full investigation, with associated risk factors.

  • The Bulletin July 2013 - Number 163

    Also included are articles on public engagement and published audit, as well as all the usual College news, book reviews and information on upcoming conferences and events.

  • Application Pack - Examinations Coordinator

  • Website style guide main content

    Style guide

  • My name is Colin Babb

  • Duke Medicine: Pathology and Virtual Microscopy Resources

    Comprehensive coverage by topic with hyperlinks to other websites at the top

  • Pathology Resident Wiki

    US based site for pathology trainees but has a short medical student section. The most relevant part of which is the tutorials link below

  • University of Leeds Virtual Pathology

    Dedicated undergraduate section – limited topics with digital slides. Broader postgraduate section with digital slides wide. There is a search option available which makes it easier to find specific ‘entities’ or material.

  • PathologyPics

    Pathology – macroscopic and microscopic pictures, randomly mixed, with associated questions (MCQs) with pop-up answers. Has limited number of flash cards. Requires registration to access all resources.