Workforce Data


The College collects, collates, and uses workforce data in our discussions with government and workforce agencies including Health Education England (HEE) and the devolved nations to influence and advocate for the pathology workforce in the UK.

Why you might find this useful

The Workforce Team regularly receive requests for workforce data and it is recognised that it is useful for College members and stakeholders to have access to standardised workforce data.

It is intended that data published will provide greater clarity on the current pathology workforce for members and stakeholders and can be used for local cases about pathology workforce to be made.

I would suggest replacing this with something along the lines of ‘The College relies on its members to provide up to date information about their work situation in order to allow the College to continue to advocate for the pathology workforce. You can help keep your data up to date by logging in to the College website and updating your details when prompted and responding to any surveys that the College undertakes’.

How we collect the data

Workforce data is collected through:

  • online workforce census
  • direct specialty-specific surveys
  • results of Advisory Appointment Committees (AACs)
  • Regional Councils.

What we have produced:


Workforce data

Date A-Z

It is acknowledged that workforce data is out of date as soon as it is published but the aim is to give a reasonable up-to-date guide.