RCPath Consulting

The Royal College of Pathologists set up RCPath Consulting (RCPC) to meet the demand for independent, authoritative, specialist advice in providing high-quality pathology services. A range of consultancy services can be tailored to your needs. Our focus is on improving efficiency with patient care at the core of any advice. Our advisors will provide independent, authoritative, specialist advice to help you design and develop efficient pathology services built around patient need.

Advice on the commissioning or tendering of pathology services

RCPath Consulting provides advice on purchasing, commissioning and/or tendering in situations where it may be helpful to have an authoritative view that is independent of local providers and others with a vested interest. The purpose of RCPath Consulting’s involvement is to help local commissioners, managers and pathologists to specify effectively an efficient, high-quality service. RCPath Consulting can also provide clinical advice for clients who want to optimise their ability to bid successfully for services being tendered.

Advice on reconfiguration of pathology services

Provision of pathology services may involve one site or a configuration of laboratories across more than one site, or more than one hospital. An authoritative and independent view on the current state of a pathology service and the impact of any proposed changes on the quality and efficiency of pathology provision may be helpful. The purpose of RCPath Consulting's involvement in a service review is to provide input that is independent of all local providers and will help ensure the quality of service is maintained or improved for all users, while providing the best value for money.

Advice as part of an option appraisal process

RCPath Consulting provides one-off independent input to an option appraisal process when pathology plans are assessed, options considered and prioritised and decisions taken. RCPath Consulting can also provide independent facilitation for the difficult conversations often involved in the lead up to an evaluation of options.