Registering for CPD

To register for CPD at the College, you must be either:

  • a UK-based career grade clinical scientist at grade B or C or AfC > 7
  • a UK-based pathologist
  • a UK-based medically-qualified research academic
  • an overseas based RCPath Fellow.

If you’re not a Fellow, Diplomate or Associate of the College, you’ll need to apply for Affiliate membership and then register to participate in the CPD scheme. Find out more about Affiliate membership.

How and when to register

If you are eligible for our Scheme, simply complete our CPD registration form.

It’s best to register early in the CPD year, which runs from 1 April to 31 March of the following year. This is because your 5-yearly credit target is 250 credits, and no credit reduction is made if you start the CPD scheme after April. Registering later in the CPD year (January to March) means that you have less time to collect CPD credits before the year ends.

Your CPD number

During the registration process and beyond, you will need to know your CPD number. This is the same as your College reference number, which you can find on correspondence and the Member Handbook.

Having trouble finding your number? Call the CPD Department on 0207 451 6732/6735 for support.