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The Royal College of Pathologists, together with Health Education England (HEE), are developing an innovative adaptive learning platform to support trainees and practising pathologists in digital learning –  the Pathology Portal (previous known as Digital Now). Using technology to enhance learning, the platform aims to incorporate the ability to host and view whole slide imaging (WSI) over the world wide web (Virtual Microscopy) to enable pathology tissue samples to be annotated and viewed as part of learning sets, mapped to the relevant curricula of the Royal College of Pathologists, and, hosted and maintained within the system.

Morphological, clinical and dissection learning support will be provided on a learning platform via digital materials linked in graded stages initially to the Histopathology FRCPath and Advanced Practice in Histopathology Reporting curriculum across different specialty areas in a sequence starting with gastrointestinal and placental pathology to support multidisciplinary training and assessment. Other pathology disciplines such as haematology will also be able to use the platform.

This platform has been designed to support not only digital morphological learning, but also to support clinical and macroscopic learning. It will include upload of material already scanned as part of previous Deanery projects, to reduce duplication and provide broader access.

The Portal will be offered as part of the Learning Hub (HEE), sitting alongside other educational resources on the Learning Hub and will also be accessible directly from The Royal College of Pathologists' website. 

The Pathology Portal's development is ongoing and is governed by several cross organisational project groups such as the Project Board, the Editorial Board and the External Advisory Board.

To access the Pathology Portal, you need a Learning Hub account. You will need to log into your RCPath account first.

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If you already have a Learning Hub account, you can access the portal by clicking on the button below.

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