Veterinary Pathology SAC

Veterinary pathology is the branch of pathology concerned with investigation of disease in animals. Veterinary pathologists further specialise in a diverse range of species groups. The SAC represents a samll constituency in the College (aprox 120 out of 7,500 Fellows) and has only a brief history of about 10 years. This is not to underestimate its standing in the College, however, as it is very well supported for a relatively small group.

  • Curriculum development – the veterinary pathology SAC is working to produce new curricula in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology and Veterinary Microbiology
  • One Health – the veterinary pathology SAC continues to work to raise awareness of the importance of animal disease surveillance to human and animal health
  • Professional status – the veterinary pathology SAC works to maintain recognition of the professional status of veterinary pathologists by the public, fellow professionals and the RCVS 

Chair: Prof Cheryl Scuadmore

Veterinary Pathology SAC Membership

The Future of Surveillance for Animal Diseases in England and Wales
The College's Specialty Advisory Committee for Veterinary Pathology was heavily involved in discussions with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the former Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratory Agency (AHVLA) over the future on surveillance for animal disease in the UK.

A précis of an article explaining the College's involvement and why medical and veterinary pathologists and scientists should be concerned about this issue appear in The Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists, Number 168, October 2014, p. 230. The full-length article referred to then, has been updated to January 2015 (please see below).