Medical Microbiology SAC

Microbiology is the diagnosis of infection caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses, identification of the best treatment options for infection, and the monitoring of antibiotic resistance. It also includes testing how a patient is responding to treatment of infection.

In view of the increasing demand for Consultant Microbiologist expertise consequent to e.g the need for antimicrobial stewardship and the establishment of outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy services to improve hospital efficiency much progress has been made through the SAC jointly with the British Infection Association in updating guidance on consultant microbiologist, virologist and clinical scientist workload in order to understand better the demands on consultant time with a view to designing future service models. 

A number of successful events have been held with very good feedback, the most recent one being on "Emerging Zoonoses and AMR – A One Health approach through multidisciplinary collaboration", organised jointly with the Veterinary Pathology SAC and which drew upon one of the goals of the UK 5 year AMR strategy to improve the knowledge and understanding of AMR through cross professional collaboration in human and veterinary medicine and included the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Veterinary Officer as speakers.

Chair: Dr Prema Singh

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