Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics SAC

H&I is the study of organ transplantation and tissue matching. These pathologists make sure that transplanted organs are suitable for the recipient, to lessen the chances of the organ being rejected.

The H&I SAC has been working in collaboration with the British Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (BSHI) to highlight the results of an analysis of higher specialist training. A questionnaire, which was completed during April/May 2014, has highlighted reductions in the number of training contracts and the reluctance of departments to engage in training programmes. These results have been shared with Health Education England and the Chief Scientific Officer and the SAC and BSHI await feedback on how this training gap may be addressed. 

Members of the SAC have been actively involved in public engagement activities during the year including a College Schools event and a ‘Blood and Bugs’ event as well as local events such as participation in Science week at local hospital trusts. The SAC is working on putting together a set of H&I specific information which can be provided to any Fellows taking part in future events to help promote the role of H&I in supporting organ and stem cell transplantation and blood transfusion.


Chair: Dr Andrea Harmer

Committee Members