18 June 2019

The winners of our Excellence Awards have been announced. We are delighted to release the details of their outstanding contribution to the profession and patient safety.

Janine Aldridge was nominated in several categories, including:

  • Outstanding Contribution to Pathology Services
  • Best Achievement in Innovation and Research
  • Best Supporting Staff Member.

Janine Aldridge only lost out in one of their nominated categories. President Jo Martin was awarded the College’s Most Charismatic Pathologist accolade, which Janine Aldridge forfeited on account of not actually being a pathologist.

Speaking after the event, Janine Aldridge said:

It’s a remarkable honour to be nominated in so many categories this year, and to be standing on this stage in front of so many decorated medics and scientists. This will make a welcome addition to my mantel piece, alongside my year 4 swimming award and my partner’s Crufts trophies.

Other winners

Alongside Janine Aldridge, the RCPath Excellence Awards saw a number of doctors and scientists heralded for their contribution to medicine and to patient safety.

  • Dr Michelle Ko gave a tearful speech when accepting her award for Outstanding Quality Assurance
  • Dr Johnathan Jones collected the award for Best Lab Coat.
  • Dr Nadia Harman was named Funniest Pathologist of the Year for her creative use of memes in diagnosis reporting.

Nominate a colleague for 2020

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