Membership FAQ

Fee Payments and Receipts

How can I pay my membership fees?

When are membership fees due?

What are the benefits of paying by Direct Debit?

Can I request a receipt for membership fees paid?

Can I claim a reduction in my subscription fee?

I am a new Fellow – what fees do I need to pay and when?

I have not paid my fees – will my membership continue?

I did not pay my fees and I have been removed from the College Register – can I regain my membership?

Update my details

I have changed my contact details – how I can I advise the College of my new details?

I am retiring – do I have to inform the College?

I have changed my name – do I have to inform the College?

Certificates and Verifications

I have lost my Fellowship certificate – can I request a replacement?

I am a new Fellow – when will I receive my certificate?

My employer requires confirmation of my membership – can this be provided by the College?

Other Membership FAQs

How do I get access to the Online Handbook?

How do I get access to the Restricted area of the College website?

How do I contact the Membership Department?