Film: The Ultimate Goal

Making ‘The Ultimate Goal’

Dr Sivakumaran, a Consultant Haematologist at the Peterborough City Hospital, came up with the idea of making a docu-drama with a football theme to target the younger audience. Dr Sivakumaran completed the first draft of the script in April 2011. Then the challenging task of raising funds for this project was undertaken.

As a part of fund raising activity, sponsorship was sought from commercial partners. Roche Diagnostics, UK and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, UK gladly accepted the invitation and gave the necessary financial support.

The premiere of the film was held at the Royal College of Pathologists on 2nd November 2011 as part of a symposium titled ‘The Value of Pathology’ and was well received by the 120 delegates.

The Ultimate Goal’ is an educational film produced in the genre of docu-drama to promote Pathology among the general public and to encourage school/college students to consider Pathology as a career option.

Roche Diagnostics have also now kindly sponsored the distribution of the DVD to hospital trusts throughout the UK. Thus we have been able to include a free copy with every promotional pack ordered for National Pathology Year.

A Resource for Promoting Pathology

The film can be used as a resource for National Pathology Year by providing the basis for an engaging public event. If you have received a copy of the DVD but need ideas on what to do then why not consider the following:

  • Hold a screening event for hospital staff to promote the work of pathology departments
  • Hold a public screening of the film for members of the public to find out more about pathology
  • Speak to your hospital communications team about displaying the film on hospital multimedia e.g. on waiting room screens or on bedside TVs
  • Set up a stand in the foyer of the hospital to promote pathology and have the film playing on a loop on a laptop to draw people in
  • Take the DVD to your next social activity e.g. sports club, book club or diet club and see if anyone would like to watch it afterwards
  • Speak to your children’s school about arranging a screening of the filmduring a special assembly or as part of a careers day.