ABC of Pathology Quiz

New for 2012 – the ABC of pathology Power Point presentation and quiz. The colourful presentation can be adapted for a wide range of audiences and can be used with the quiz or separately. The answers and answer sheets are provided for the quiz so you’ve got a ready-made event with hardly any preparation required. Please feel free to add your own questions or additional slides to make the presentation more relevant to you or your audience. There’s also a set of pathology alphabet posters that you can use to advertise your event or to make a striking display.

NPY Quiz

Here’s a ready-made National Pathology Year event – the National Pathology Year 2012 quiz! There are 4 rounds of questions, including a true and false round and a Family Fortunes-style round where you have to guess what answers the public gave. The answers are all included in the presentation and additional notes attached to the slides give you a bit of background information. Please feel free to adapt the quiz, add your own questions or select only a few from those suggested. Answer sheets are also available.