We invited students aged 5-16 to design an A1 poster based on the subject: my favourite pathologist. Students were asked to creatively illustrate their chosen pathologist and why. 

This could of being anyone, living or dead, who has or had been involved in pathology.

As examples entrants could explore people like:

  • Alexander Fleming and his discovery of penicillin 
  • Why Edward Jenner's discovery of vaccines was important 
  • How a pathologist helped to make them better after an illness. 

Pathology is involved in over 70% of diagnoses every year. If you have ever had a blood test, cervical smear or tissue biopsy, the sample will have been analysed by a pathologist. This was an opportunity for young people to showcase the important work pathologists do.

We recommended entrants having a look at our 50th anniversary publications A History of Pathology in 50 Objects.


Prizes are to be awarded in two categories: primary school and secondary school.

Each winner will receive £50 worth of Amazon vouchers.

The winning entry will be published in the College’s magazine, The Bulletin and on our website.


The deadline for entries was Sunday 11 October 2015, we had some great entries and we'll announce the winner soon.