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The College is a professional membership organisation with charitable status, concerned with all matters relating to the science and practice of pathology. It is a body of its Fellows, Affiliates and trainees, supported by the staff who are based at the College's London offices.

The College of Pathologists is a charity with over 10,000 members worldwide. The majority of members are doctors and scientists working in hospitals and universities in the UK. The College oversees the training of pathologists and scientists working in 19 different specialties, which include cellular pathology, haematology, clinical biochemistry and medical microbiology. Although some pathologists work in laboratories, many work directly with patients in hospitals and the community. Together they are involved in over 70% of all diagnoses, as well as playing an important role in disease prevention, treatment and monitoring. If you have ever had a blood test, cervical smear or tissue biopsy, a pathologist will have been involved in your care.

What's next for the College?


We are moving to the Goodman Building on Alie Street in East London. The new building, purchased with the proceeds of the sale of the lease of 2 Carlton House Terrace in March 2015, will be demolished and new purpose-built premises constructed on the site. The whole process is expected to take over two years, with the aim of opening the new College in November 2017.  

The plans, which may be subject to change as the redevelopment continues, include a library, 200-seat lecture theatre, flexible meeting rooms equipped with the latest AV equipment, a modern spacious members room as well as office space for College staff and Honorary Officers. Read the blog here.